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First Hampden

In Use 1873-1884
10 Kingsley Ave, Crosshill


Hampden Bowling Club sits on the 1st Hampden Park. This fact was lost for over 113 years. Yes – Scotland didn’t know where its true home of Scottish Football was. There was no map that people knew of.

People know about the current Hampden and some even know about the second Hampden at Cathkin Park but very few knew there was a ground before both of these.

First Hampden was home to Queens Park FC and the Scotland International Football Team from 1873 to 1884. It hosted the first Scottish Cup Final where Queens Park beat Clydesdale 2-0 in 1873/74 season. It also hosted England 3 times and beating them on this ground 17 – 7 over 3 amazing matches. And most importantly it was where the Glasgow Game was first played.

Whereas the English kicked and rushed, Queens Park and hence Scotland, created a passing and dribbling game that made them the greatest footballing nation at the time. It has now been adopted by the world, where 2 billion people either watch it or play it. And it all started at Hampden Park.

The founders of Queens Park FC are regarded as pioneers of their time: establishing one of the most famous football clubs in the world and also creating the modern game. The restoration of their original ground will continue that heritage through another sport and ensure that future generations know the legend of the first Hampden Park.

The 1st Hampden is historic and was home to Queen’s Park Football Club and the SFA from 1873 to 1884.

You can check out the campaign that is underway to #restore1sthampden over at The Hampden Collection and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



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  1. Graeme Brown May 9, 2018 Reply

    Thanks so much for putting up our story on your website. It is a fascinating story that will intrigue many. How the southside of football is the set for the creation of the modern passing game of football and also home to the world’s first purposefully built international football ground. Enjoy the website, facebook page and twitter page.

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