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Bute Terrace & Regent Park Terrace


There have been many arguments about the boundaries of Strathbungo over the years, but this is because it has never had any formal designation, and still doesn’t. It has claimed to be in Renfrewshire mostly, Lanarkshire when it suited, in Govan Parish, but claimed by Cathcart.

The east side of Pollokshaws Road was absorbed into Crosshill Police Burgh in 1871, before both Crosshill and Strathbungo were annexed to Glasgow in 1891. So the tenements across the road on the west side, known then as Regent Park Terrace, were in Strathbungo, and the tenements on the east side, called Bute Terrace, were in Crosshill.

You will see this is reflected in the details of the street name signs on the street corners, although many on the east side have the designating text mysteriously covered up – most likely the residents objected to being placed in Crosshill, when they felt more attached to Strathbungo.


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