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  • Shawfield Stadium gates. 1937 courtesy of Glasgow City Archives
    Art Deco fragments of Shawfield Stadium

      Places have their own private and public life and can feel haunted in multiple ways: some because they’ve changed but remain familiar; others because they spark vivid personal memories difficult to express in words, embodying fragments of times past that we can’t – for better or for worse – return to.   They help […]

  • Polmadi on the Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654
    Polmadie and the Ancient Hospital of St John the Apostle

      Bruce Downie immerses himself in some of the oldest known references to Polmadie, and explores the history of the ancient hospital. Get lost in a world of medieval references and travel through Polmadie’s history via kings, popes, pigs and recycling.   In the 19th century, Polmadie, just east of what we now know as […]