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  • OrdnanceSurvey1911_NLSMaps_533x525
    Curling on the Pollok Estate

      Let Glasgow flourish, but do not let her forget the example of the curlers to whom she owes so much of her success, and who owed so much of their success to the curling by which they lightened the burdens of civic and commercial care. [1.] The remaining pond   I was taking a […]

  • Mary Barbour Monument in Govan Cross
    Govan’s Monument to Mary Barbour

    A reflection of history and the spirit of a community   Mrs. Barbour’s Army spread through Glesga like the plague The maisters got the message and the message wisnae vague While oor menfolk fight the Kaiser we’ll stay hame and fight the war Against the greedy bastards who keep grindin’ doon the poor Alistair Hulett, […]

  • Figure 2_688x743
    Quoiting in Govanhill

      The St. Andrew’s Quoiting Club on Butterbiggins Road   From the late 1890s until about 1928, a small patch of ground just off Butterbiggins Road, near what we now call Eglinton Toll, was used to play one of the oldest games in the world – quoits – and was home to one of Glasgow’s […]

  • RoysMapOfTheLowlands_NLS_522x533
    Pollok Toon – Glasgow Southside’s vanished village

      If you’ve ever been to Pollok House and stood on the old bridge across the White Cart River you might be forgiven for believing that the view you see is timeless. On one side sits the stately mansion, high on its mound surrounded by rich foliage; on the other side, empty fields with an […]

  • My beautiful picture
    Doune Castle – Shawlands’ forgotten music venue

      Local folk passing the unloved and empty Poundworld shopfront on Kilmarnock Rd may not know of its colourful past and the contribution it made to the Scottish music scene in the 1970s and 1980s.     Some key and influential names in Scottish, UK and global rock and pop plied their musical skills and […]

  • girl with rucksack gorbals_KennyHunter_426x422
    Decoding the Gorbals’ Girl With Rucksack statue

      This is a place founded on being ‘on the outside’—sited just beyond the original city limits, the Gorbals built its formidable reputation on the ability to accommodate migrants from around the world, give them a start, and then watch them leave to make way for the next arrivals. A tight community that paradoxically eulogises […]

  • Shawfield Stadium gates. 1937 courtesy of Glasgow City Archives
    Art Deco fragments of Shawfield Stadium

      Places have their own private and public life and can feel haunted in multiple ways: some because they’ve changed but remain familiar; others because they spark vivid personal memories difficult to express in words, embodying fragments of times past that we can’t – for better or for worse – return to.   They help […]

  • CathcartMillAndTheOldBridge_circa1830_artist_unknown_NTS_580x574
    The White Cart Mills

      Many of us who walk through the Linn Park area admire the river Cart and its surroundings, but if you look closely you can find some reminders of the river’s industrial past. Mills existed on the river Cart from Netherlee to Pollok from the late 1600s and provided employment for many local people, made […]

  • Young Tom Morris
    Golf in Queen’s Park

      Glasgow Golf Club was formed in 1787 and they played originally on Glasgow Green. Industrialisation in the first half of the nineteenth century led to a rapid increase in Glasgow’s population, which meant that there was more pressure on the available green space within the city than ever before. Faced with a lack of […]

  • Photo of Pollok Free State treehouse from Spectrum magazine, 1995
    The Pollok Free State Story Connecting with Young People Decades On

      In a recent blog post I highlighted material from our archive collection on the No M77 and Pollok Free State protests. I have since been in conversation with artists Hannah Brackston and Dan Sambo, currrent artists in residence in the ward of Pollok.   Here they describe how they have been drawing upon the […]