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  • Mary Barbour Monument in Govan Cross
    Govan’s Monument to Mary Barbour

    A reflection of history and the spirit of a community   Mrs. Barbour’s Army spread through Glesga like the plague The maisters got the message and the message wisnae vague While oor menfolk fight the Kaiser we’ll stay hame and fight the war Against the greedy bastards who keep grindin’ doon the poor Alistair Hulett, […]

  • SGHET Slavery 2
    The Tobacco Lords Part 1

    The connections between Glasgow and the tobacco trade of the eighteenth century are well-known.

  • Frank blooms
    Hannah Frank

      Early Life and Education   Hannah Frank (1908-2008) was an artist and sculptor based in the Southside. She was born in Glasgow and lived in the Gorbals in her formative years, first in Abbotsford Road and later in South Portland Street. She then moved further south, living at 72 Dixon Avenue, Crosshill, where she was […]

  • Kids
    The Gorbals Vampire

    The children were hunting the ‘Gorbals Vampire’ – a seven-foot-tall monster with long metal fangs who had killed and eaten two local boys.

  • _103474760_gettyimages-106504503
    Sir Thomas Lipton

    Sir Thomas Lipton
    1848 – 1931
    World Famous Tea Merchant, Grocer and Yachtsman