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  • Figure 2_688x743
    Quoiting in Govanhill

      The St. Andrew’s Quoiting Club on Butterbiggins Road   From the late 1890s until about 1928, a small patch of ground just off Butterbiggins Road, near what we now call Eglinton Toll, was used to play one of the oldest games in the world – quoits – and was home to one of Glasgow’s […]

  • Polmadi on the Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654
    Polmadie and the Ancient Hospital of St John the Apostle

      Bruce Downie immerses himself in some of the oldest known references to Polmadie, and explores the history of the ancient hospital. Get lost in a world of medieval references and travel through Polmadie’s history via kings, popes, pigs and recycling.   In the 19th century, Polmadie, just east of what we now know as […]

  • Nurses and VADs
    The True Story of a First World War Nurse from Crosshill

    Mary Mortimer Geddes   My great aunt Mary died when I was a baby. I don’t recall meeting her. She was my father’s maternal aunt. My mother told me when I was older that she was a nurse during World War One and showed me a family album with her photo in nurse’s uniform. When […]

  • map hampden
    First Hampden Archaeological Excavations

    The bowling green ultrasound aims to seek out the centre spot and maybe some old pitch lines like penalty areas. The recreational ground dig aims to find evidence of the grandstand. And the rose garden dig hopes to find remains of the clubhouse.

  • Frank blooms
    Hannah Frank

      Early Life and Education   Hannah Frank (1908-2008) was an artist and sculptor based in the Southside. She was born in Glasgow and lived in the Gorbals in her formative years, first in Abbotsford Road and later in South Portland Street. She then moved further south, living at 72 Dixon Avenue, Crosshill, where she was […]

  • DSC_0120
    Bute Terrace & Regent Park Terrace

      There have been many arguments about the boundaries of Strathbungo over the years, but this is because it has never had any formal designation, and still doesn’t. It has claimed to be in Renfrewshire mostly, Lanarkshire when it suited, in Govan Parish, but claimed by Cathcart. The east side of Pollokshaws Road was absorbed […]

  • 26758360_169400563820454_9080686901100830690_o
    First Hampden

    In Use 1873-1884 10 Kingsley Ave, Crosshill   Hampden Bowling Club sits on the 1st Hampden Park. This fact was lost for over 113 years. Yes – Scotland didn’t know where its true home of Scottish Football was. There was no map that people knew of. People know about the current Hampden and some even […]