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  • CathcartMillAndTheOldBridge_circa1830_artist_unknown_NTS_580x574
    The White Cart Mills

      Many of us who walk through the Linn Park area admire the river Cart and its surroundings, but if you look closely you can find some reminders of the river’s industrial past. Mills existed on the river Cart from Netherlee to Pollok from the late 1600s and provided employment for many local people, made […]

  • CathcartStonesFigure2_863x589
    Old Cathcart’s carved stones: a medieval mystery?

      The puzzle of four carved stones in Old Cathcart Parish churchyard remains unsolved but the time is ripe for further investigation, writes Dougie McLellan…   Many people are familiar with the history of the growth of Cathcart from sleepy post-industrial village, home to many mill workers, to the grand Victorian suburb of Glasgow whose […]

  • 171_MichaelPaley_CathcartCemetery_6May2020_1433x1199
    The Cathcart Cemetery Scandal

      While it can be entered at points from within Glasgow city’s south side, the picturesque Cathcart Cemetery sits largely in the modern-day council boundary of East Renfrewshire. Designed and laid out in 1878, it’s a tranquil place for locals and visitors to escape the urban hubbub, but less known are the circumstances surrounding the […]