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  • Photo of Pollok Free State treehouse from Spectrum magazine, 1995
    The Pollok Free State Story Connecting with Young People Decades On

      In a recent blog post I highlighted material from our archive collection on the No M77 and Pollok Free State protests. I have since been in conversation with artists Hannah Brackston and Dan Sambo, currrent artists in residence in the ward of Pollok.   Here they describe how they have been drawing upon the […]

  • Polmadi on the Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654
    Polmadie and the Ancient Hospital of St John the Apostle

      Bruce Downie immerses himself in some of the oldest known references to Polmadie, and explores the history of the ancient hospital. Get lost in a world of medieval references and travel through Polmadie’s history via kings, popes, pigs and recycling.   In the 19th century, Polmadie, just east of what we now know as […]

  • Nurses and VADs
    The True Story of a First World War Nurse from Crosshill

    Mary Mortimer Geddes   My great aunt Mary died when I was a baby. I don’t recall meeting her. She was my father’s maternal aunt. My mother told me when I was older that she was a nurse during World War One and showed me a family album with her photo in nurse’s uniform. When […]

  • SGHET_PFS_BabyYouCan’tDrive02 thumbnail
    Pollok Free State: Archive Selections and Reflections

    Thanks to these generous donations there is a lot to be found within the archive.