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  • OrdnanceSurvey1911_NLSMaps_533x525
    Curling on the Pollok Estate

      Let Glasgow flourish, but do not let her forget the example of the curlers to whom she owes so much of her success, and who owed so much of their success to the curling by which they lightened the burdens of civic and commercial care. [1.] The remaining pond   I was taking a […]

  • CathcartStonesFigure2_863x589
    Old Cathcart’s carved stones: a medieval mystery?

      The puzzle of four carved stones in Old Cathcart Parish churchyard remains unsolved but the time is ripe for further investigation, writes Dougie McLellan…   Many people are familiar with the history of the growth of Cathcart from sleepy post-industrial village, home to many mill workers, to the grand Victorian suburb of Glasgow whose […]

  • map hampden
    First Hampden Archaeological Excavations

    The bowling green ultrasound aims to seek out the centre spot and maybe some old pitch lines like penalty areas. The recreational ground dig aims to find evidence of the grandstand. And the rose garden dig hopes to find remains of the clubhouse.