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    Stan Laurel

    Stan Laurel (1890-1965) Langside Stan Laurel, of famous comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, was born Arthur Stanley Jefferson in Ulverston in the North of England, and moved with his family to 17 Craigmillar Road in Langside, South Glasgow when he was 15 years old. His father, Arthur Jefferson was an actor, playwright, and theatre manager, […]

  • Battlefield Historic Enviro

      Battlefield Rest is an Edwardian former tramcar shelter, once considered ‘the most exotic tram shelter in Scotland’ (Battlefield Rest: About). The building has had quite a history, involving disputes over a replica tram tearoom, and current closure threats as the result of increased business rates of 400%. The shelter was designed by Frank Burnet and […]

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    Mary Barbour

    1875-1958 Govan Mary Barbour, based in Govan, is most famous for leading what was known as Mrs. Barbour’s Army in the Glasgow Rent Strikes of 1915. She was born and raised in Renfrewshire, the third of seven children, to carpet weaver parents. She worked as a thread twister until she married David Barbour and moved […]

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    Govanhill Baths

    In Use 1917 – present 99 Calder St, Glasgow G42 7RA It has been a long campaign, but Govanhill Baths are set to reopen soon thanks to the hard work of local people. In 1914 the Lord Provost of Glasgow, Sir Daniel Macaulay Stevenson, laid the foundation stone of Govanhill Baths, complete with a time […]

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    Sir Thomas Lipton

    Sir Thomas Lipton
    1848 – 1931
    World Famous Tea Merchant, Grocer and Yachtsman

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    Bailie (James) Martin Fountain

    The Bailie (James) Martin Fountain stands close to the People`s Palace in Glasgow Green but originally stood outside Langside Halls This elaborate cast-iron Moorish canopy was erected in 1893 to honour James Martin (1815-92). James Martin was a senior councillor (local bailie) represented Whitevale Ward from 1870, the Town’s Master of Works, a member of […]

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    First Hampden

    In Use 1873-1884 10 Kingsley Ave, Crosshill   Hampden Bowling Club sits on the 1st Hampden Park. This fact was lost for over 113 years. Yes – Scotland didn’t know where its true home of Scottish Football was. There was no map that people knew of. People know about the current Hampden and some even […]

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    Built 1906-07 Closed 2011 25 Bengal Street, Pollokshaws   Whilst walking in Pollokshaws you may have noticed a beautiful red sandstone building that was the old Sir John Maxwell Primary School. It was built 1906-07 on a site that had been donated by Sir John Maxwell for its predecessor school of the same name. Unfortunately […]

  • Dixon Street Iron Works

    Closed 1958 Since its closure in 1958 and later liquidation in 1960 the Dixons Ironworks has been a strong part of the historic past of the Gorbals and those who are able to recall its physical dominance within the area have similar memories of this part of the environment that was known to “light up […]

  • Southern Necropolis

    Opened 1840 In 1839 a public meeting was held in the Gorbals Baronial Hall with the proposal that land should be bought for the provision of a much needed Southern Necropolis, resulting from the cholera outbreak of 1832. After further meetings a management committee was set up which included particularly noteworthy member, Colin Sharp McLaws, […]