1. How did you find out about the conference?

“Member of SGHET.”

2. Was the location easy to find/reach?

“When you know how to get to the lighthouse it is easy.”

“It’s a great venue and very handy for public transport.”

3.  Did you enjoy the presentations?

“Excellent, had not realised that colour photos had been taken.” “Enjoyed all the interesting details and images, very enjoyable and the slides of the Empire Exhibitions, all very good.” “Wonderful to have so much pictorial material, very good and interesting visuals.”

“Meeting interesting people and hearing about their projects.” “Well researched and prepared, the whole conference informative with lively presentations”

4.  What, if anything, could have been improved?

“Sheet with attendees contacts”

“Can’t think of anything”

”More time to look at the information stalls”

“Some exhibits  of Exhibition”

“ Perhaps open to a wider audience”

“Would liked to have seen more in attendance”

“Could Pollokshaws Burgh Hall be used for further events”

5.  Would you be interested in attending any future      conferences where heritage/history groups come together?

“Absolutely, we do not hear enough about our own city”

“There are some very interesting local historians some are keen to share their knowledge”

“ Make meetings wider known”

“Great to get groups together, good experience to learn about others”

“Good networking opportunity”

“I really enjoyed the conference”

“Interested in 18th Century History (area of my research)”

“ Open minded about future topics”

6. What other themes might we include in future conferences?

Railway history of Transport”

“Railways – Stations”

“Heritage Trails and how to promote them”

“ Conservation –would be good to have someone from GCC to speak about this”

“ Rose gardens/walled gardens/river development” “Cemeteries/social culture”

“Social history”

“ Famous Glaswegians”


“Springburn Railway works”

“ Glasgow Industrial Heritage”  

“Comparison of all “big” exhibitions of Glasgow/UK “

“ Scottish /Glasgow Cinema/Organs

“Vey well done to you all”  

“Superb, wish we could get more similar events”

“ It was very helpful to network which is helpful in promoting everyone’s in heritage and conservation”

“Pleased to be in attendance and to pass news on of event to others”

“ Really enjoyed the event very informative”

“ Really Interesting”

“ Good internal layout. Would have been good to have rep from GCC. Even short address expressing interest in history /heritage”