Annual Report April 2013 – March 2014


Vibrancy Funding achieved for the following:

       Oral Project re Dixon’s Blazes

        “Dead Famous”Conference at Langside Hall

        Attendance at Oral Storytelling workshops

       Various Tours conducted around Southern Necropolis Cemetery.

       Presentations to various Heritage/ History Organisations

    Partnership Working

    Tram Direct Theatre Company

       Glasgow Life

       Libraries and Museums

       The SHED Shawlands

       Alexander “ Greek” Thomson Society

       Glasgow Building Preservation Trust

       Pollokshaws Burgh Hall

       The Panopticon

        Educational Establishments

       Old Glasgow Club

       Queen’s Park Church

       Local Organisations

       Future Plans

    To update the Web site monthly

      To Improve our Social Media

       To Market the Organisation better

      To Encourage Volunteers

      To seek new Management Members

      To seek further funding for other projects

      To organise 2015 conference

      To organise meeting with other Heritage/History Organisations.

       To expand our work with Educational establishments.

      To expand our knowledge of history/heritage matters by

       attendance at conferences, workshops, exhibitions,