“Roots In An Ever Changing Environment”
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Margaret Taylors Memories
I liked Mary Hamilton`s story of her life in Oatlands.  I, too, was born and raised there and we lived at `this` end of Oatlands, namely 21 Wolseley Street, round the corner from the Ritz cinema.  Mary lived at the posh end, with Toryglen Street and Rosebery Street etc. having `wally closes`.
My husband and I had our first home, a single apartment, in 27 Wolseley Street when we married in 1957.  We are soon to celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary.
We lived across from the wash house and public baths, and every Friday evening or Saturday morning saw my friends and I queuing up for a bath, rolled up towels under our arms.  We sat on wooden benches in our turn, waiting for the raucous voice of the attendant shouting `Next`.  
Woe betide anyone who didn`t hear her first time over the roar of the baths filling with water!  She would open the door and bawl again,`Next.`  My bath was always much too hot, and I was too scared of her to tell her, and you couldn`t cool it as she had a special key for the taps.  I would have to wait for ages until it cooled, which had her banging on the door to see if I was alright, or to hurry up, I never knew which.  I would finally emerge from the bathroom with my legs red raw, and feeling quite faint.
The wash house served another purpose apart from the doing the weekly wash.  The wall in Wolseley Street was always lovely and warm from the boilers, and we stood with our backs and our hands to it on cold frosty days.  We called it `the hot wa`, and bounced our balls against it as there was no-one to complain.
We left Oatlands in 1960, and, like Mary, also live in Nitshill, but I will never forget Wolseley Street.