“Roots In An Ever Changing Environment”
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Spoons & Miss Christie
" I was born in Glasgow near the centre of the town, I would take you there and show you but they`ve pulled the building down", fitting words from Billy Connelly's catchy wee tune (World Tour Of Scotland album) being that my families first Oatlands place of residence at 74 Cramond Street (see picture), is indeed now just a memory. Although recent visits to the Peoples Palace rekindle my amazement when I see the single-end mock-up that resembles the home that we all shared together. The bed recess is just like the one that as a wee boy, I used to poke my head out of the curtains to give the rest of the family a song or two, and the times spent joining in the panic with the fireplace "lum" catching fire. Family gatherings were a regular weekly event with a wee sing-a-long into the mike of my Granda`s reel to reel tape recorder. My own personal musical contribution coming via two shiny teaspoons being passionately battered off my knees (at one point advancing up to table spoons..ouch!!) But alas my cutlery clashing career (some tongue twister eh!), was soon brought to an end with my memorable? slot at the John Mains Community Centre local talent show, when beaten into second place by a wee lassie and her ventriloquist dummie (sure I saw her lips move!) At school our music teacher "Miss Christie" was a real unique character of a lady and had a rerr way of dealing with bullies or those who refused to share their vocal talents with the rest of the class, a stand-up solo performance of either "Up to the top" or "Rocka-ma-soul in the bosom of Abraham" soon turned on the auld "riddies" and perhaps made the guilty parties think twice the next time! Outside in the street when I was growing up in Oatlandsyou felt safe with the watchful neighbourhood eyes and the welcome presence of our local beat bobby affectionately known as "Big Dougie". The mere sight of him at the corner was enough to make you think twice about anything, or indeed not unusual for him to escort you up to your hoose door should you be out in the street after dark.